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Initial import

1 The paxutils project was started somewhere near 1994-06-30 (at least
2 this is the date of the earliest entry in the ChangeLog for version
3 2.4h). Unfortunately it has never reached mature status and was
4 abandoned after 1999-06-11 (again, as per its ChangeLog). Both
5 GNU tar and cpio, which were included in this project, have since
6 then developed independently, which brought all projects out
7 of synch with each other.
9 On 2003-06-21 I have taken the maintenance of GNU tar, on 2003-11-01
10 that of cpio, and finally on 2003-12-19 that of paxutils. By that time
11 tar needed lots of work, so I decided first to take care of it, in the
12 mean time preparing it and cpio for the future merging. The version 1.14
13 of tar (the first stable version since 1999) was released on 2004-05-11,
14 the next maintenance release (1.14.90) followed it on 2004-09-02.
15 On 2004-09-06, after more than half a year's delay, Savannah finally
16 approved the project, and I started merging the three projects.
18 More information about backgrounds of GNU paxutils and its history
19 is available at http://paxutils.progiciels-bpi.ca.

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